Learn to fly!

About Us:

Sparta was started when head coach Izzy noticed there was a lack of trampolining in Greater Glasgow.  We are the only club in the area to provide a full range of classes; offering recreational, competitive and adult classes.  Meaning a huge number of people have the opportunity to do exercise disguised as fun - 10 minutes on a trampoline is the same calorie burn as a 30 minute run!

Like most mums, Izzy is concerned about trampoline parks and garden trampolines.  She wants everyone to learn skills in a safe, coached environment. So our coach ratios are a maximum of 1:5 (well under the recommended British Gymnastics ratio of 1:8) this allows our gymnasts to have fun and learn skills under fully qualified and experienced coaches.  All of whom have had PVG checks and Safeguarding training. 

We care about the wellbeing of all our gymnasts and know how much organised sport can help develop individuals physically, psychologically and socially.  We believe in developing strong individuals, not just trampolinists.

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Facts about Trampolining:

  • A trampolinist experiences more G-force than an astronaut on take off.
  • 10 minutes of trampolining is a better workout than 30 minutes of running.
  • A 20 minute trampoline session can burn 100 calories.
  • Trampolining has been an Olympic Sport since 2000.
  • George Nissen built the first ever trampoline in his garage in 1936.