Performance Coach

Izzy Milns-Smith


Level 3 Modules 1 - 4

Courtney Flanders

Liam Gibbons


Level 3 Modules 1 & 2

Lisa Leech

Sam Paterson

Cara Jamieson

Viv Evans


UKCC Level 2

Sarah Montgomery (Monty)

Caitlin Faulkner


UKCC Level 1

Wendy Brown

Morgan Spiers

Ellie Brennan

Emma Millar


Assistant Coaches

We now have a wonderful group of up and coming coaches who are helping out at sessions.


Beth Watt


Kirsten O'Donoghue

Nadine Ward

Ryan Coia

Sophie Brownlie

Neve Lavery


A huge thank you to the following people who volunteer their time to officiate for us at competitions.  Without these people, competitions couldn't run!

Jess Lightfoot 

Lisa Leech

Izzy Milns-Smith

Stephen Ward

Amanda O'Donoghue

Caitlin Faulkner

Courtney Flanders

Eleanor Lockhart

Lauren McNamara


Izzy Milns-Smith (Chief Executive)

Nicola McGlynn (Treasurer)

Amanda O'Donoghue (Safeguarding Officer)

William Smith

Stephen Ward

Ryan Chatham