Where/When/How much are classes?

All our class information is on the following pages Where, When and How Much.

How do we sign up?

Just fill in our class sign up form on our Join Us page.

What should I wear?

Comfortable sports/active wear and socks.  Socks are the important bit (but they don't need to be the special gripper socks).  You can wear a leotard if you wish but its always optional.

How many are in the classes?

We work on a ratio of 1 coach/trampoline to a maximum of 5 gymnasts (so 25 max in a class) in our recreational and adult classes and 1:4 in our competitive classes (so 20 max in a class).  With the preschool its a 1:5 ratio with a maximum of 10 in each class.  This is well under British Gymnastics minimums of 1:8.

Will I/my child be coached and to what level?

All gymnasts are coached by our fully qualified and experienced team.  The same group of instructors coach all of the classes, so there is no lower skill limit for competitive classes and no upper limit for recreational classes.  Sparta is a safe environment for people to learn new skills, we focus on developing individuals not just trampolinists.

What are the classes like?

Our recreational, adult and preschool classes run in the same format:

1. 10 minutes: trampoline warm up

2. The bulk of the session is with allocated coach

3. 5 minutes at the end for games/cool down


Our competitive classes run:

1. 15 minutes: floor warm up

2. 15 minutes: trampoline warm up/drills

3. 1hr session with their allocated coach

4. 30 minutes: trampoline and floor conditioning

How early should I arrive?

Just before the class is due to start.  As you sign up online all the admin is completed before you attend.  We will bring the gymnasts in for the class at the start.