Cash4Kids Sports Challenge 2023

What is the Cash4Kids Sports Challenge?

Clyde 1 Cash for Kids Sports Challenge is back and bigger than ever!  It is a fundraising event that Sparta Trampoline Club is up against other sports club's from across Glasgow to raise as much money possible in 4 weeks (16th September - 16th October).


Not only do we get to keep every penny we raise, but the winning team gets an additional £5,000! There are also prizes to be won in 2nd (£2,500) and 3rd place (£1,500), plus there are £500 prizes for best use of social media and for most creative fundraising idea!


We are looking to improve our Centre with new equipment to help build the progression on our incredible club!


We have a month of crazy events planned!!!  

What are we raising money for?

Sparta is one club and we want everyone to benefit from this Cash4Kids experience. We would be looking at bringing in a new type of trampolining to the club called Double Mini Trampoline. This is a new activity that can run alongside all our classes for FREE. Therefore, we would be adding value to our class and not increasing the price, this would also attract new members. 


We are also looking at buying new trampoline beds, as this would benefit the whole club and allow more members to jump. We would also love to introduce a playgym - pay as you go type session, to make trampolining more accessible to more families without them having to worry about monthly subscriptions.


Plus, we would be looking to buy some training materials for developing the skills such as having sloped wedges and foam springboards. Our qualified coaches would be able to enhance the lives of our current members and the future generations who would join Sparta by having more professional equipment. This will be able to be used by all ability levels, for basic movements, shapes, body coordination, strength, condition and creating dynamic and fun classes for everyone.